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  • Author: Deidre Gantt

Black August, BlacKkKlansman, and 9 Must-See Movies about Law Enforcement and Black Liberation

It’s August 12, and the KKK is holding its own bastardized version of the “march on Washington” across the street from the White House. One year after White Power/Alt-Right supporters descended on Charlottesville, Va., bringing turmoil and death in their wake. Two years and eleven days after police officers outside Baltimore, Md., gunned down Korryn…

Imani K. Brown: Tattoo Therapy, Afro-Kawaii Style

In just a few decades, tattoos have gone from being associated with sailors, bikers, and social rebels to becoming a popular form of self-expression among men and women of all backgrounds, ages, and races. Despite all its hyped-for-ratings drama, the reality TV show Black Ink Crew has raised the visibility of black tattoo artists in…