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“The Other Hand”: Spanking and Home Training in the Black Family

It started as soon as we came through the sliding doors of the airport in Accra, Ghana. While we waited for his father to link up with us, my son began to play with a bigger boy we had run into a few times after getting off the plane. When the bigger boy ventured further…

Why Giving Our Kids a “Growth Mindset” Is the Best Gift of All

I am hopeful that adopting a growth mindset will help my son develop views and habits that help him soar through life: less frustration or anger when things don’t go his way, willingness to persist and keep trying when the going gets tough, and

9 O’Clock Rocks: Winning the Battle of (Holiday) Binge vs. (Postpartum) Bulge!

Six or eight weeks after I had my son, I remember boasting to my home girl, “They were right about breastfeeding. I already lost all my baby weight!” “Yup, and if you sit in that house with that baby all day, you gonna put it all right back on and then some,” she warned me,…

9 O’Clock Rocks: What Do You Mean “Screen-Free” Parenting?

Dear Friends and Readers: Welcome to my new day and topic! I’ll be posting content on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays from now on, including “9 O’Clock Rocks”, a monthly section devoted to parenting and family topics, named for that magical hour known as bedtime! Ever since I came out of college, I envisioned being the…