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Happy Father’s Day to All the Mothers – Wait, What?

It’s gonna be another tense weekend in black social media land, thanks to posts like: “Happy father’s day to all the real daddies holding it down!”  “Any boy can make a baby, but it takes a man to raise one.”  “Happy father’s day to the mothers who are doing both jobs!” And allllllll the clapbacks…

Black Love Day Turns 25 Years Old Today!

I am a fan of black holidays. As a distinct culture within the United States, African Americans have a right – even a duty – to celebrate and reflect on our unique history and heritage.

Mo'Nique on instagram

Mo’Nique vs Netflix: How (Not) to Boycott

When Mo’Nique released her Jan. 19 Instagram video appealing to her supporters to boycott Netflix, I wonder if she ever considered how many black folks would in no uncertain terms side with Netflix and invite her to have several seats.

Unpacking “The Coolest Monkey” in The Donald’s “Shitholes”

Last week, Africa and the Diaspora suffered two highly public attacks on “the content of our character”: one from the economic sector and one from the political sector of the western world. First, Swedish fashion retailer H&M put out an ad featuring a beautiful chocolate brown boy wearing that now-infamous “coolest monkey in the jungle”…