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Why The Whole Community Needs to Embrace Black Breastfeeding Week

It seems obvious (to me, anyway) that breastfeeding is the way nature intended for human mothers to feed human babies. One – okay, two – of the main reasons we are classed as mammals are these mammary glands on our chest. Every mammal species produces milk to feed their young. The benefits of breastfeeding are…

Surviving the Holidays When You’re “A Lil Different”

Are you the vegetarian in a family of omnivores? Do you believe Western holidays are pagan/the white man’s lies/unbiblical, etc.? You want to babywear and breastfeed instead of giving your infant pecan pie and letting every distant relative hold her? Maybe you’re in a nontraditional relationship, or in some other way, you’re “a lil different”…

Kenny and Ronella

Empower Your Vision 2017

Everybody talks about the importance of having a vision for your life, but how do you create that vision?  I took to FB Live to tell you how.  Press play to find out. Be well.

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the Pursuit of Happiness

I had the pleasure of providing the keynote address for the Louisiana Mental Health Counselors’ Association Luncheon at the 2016 Louisiana Counseling Association’s annual conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The conference theme was “Diversity is the Spice of Life”, and it was important to me that I used this opportunity, speaking with a body of…

Really, Wayne?!?: Niteline Interview

This week, the internet was on fire about Lil Wayne’s interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis.  When asked about his feelings/connection to the Black Lives Matter movement he dismissed the movement and questioned its validity; stating “It just sounds weird that you put a name on it.”  He added “Don’t come at me with that dumb shit…

Tune In To You

Life is an amazing and complex journey.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, something new comes along that completely rocks your world.  It can be difficult to find your way back when it seems as though gravity has suspended and the contents of your life are perched in air; free-falling into…

Motivation and Emotion