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Music Mix: Dreams, Converse & Cognacs

Dreams, Converse & Cognac is this month’s new playlist featuring more than four hours of music, blending R&B, hip-hop, and pop.  The playlist spotlights new music from some of your favorite artists like India Arie, J. Cole, Kelly Rowland, Ariana Grande, Monica, Ciara, and more.  You’ll hear a few tracks from recent Grammy winners Ella…

Music Mix: 19 lbs. Down – Rise & Grind

Initially, I created January’s music playlist, 19 lbs. Down, to help me through my workouts; however, I quickly discovered that my musical mood changes depending on the activity. After some thought, I decided to split my playlist into two parts: Rise and Grind.

Music Mix: Mariah & Malbec Music

November’s music mix is inspired by music legend Mariah Carey‘s new release Caution, AND the fact that I always picture her with a glass of wine in her hand (NO SHADE). While I don’t necessarily consider myself a “Lamb”, I certainly recognize and respect greatness when I see and experience it.  The Mariah & Malbec Music…

These Dance Challenges Are Making America Great Again!

“Hard times require furious dancing. Each of us is proof.” –Alice Walker The title of this post started off as a joke I made a few weeks ago, after I stumbled upon a video of the Keke Challenge by New Orleans bounce artist Magnolia Rhome. Truth be told, I’m not deep off into pop culture…