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“The Other Hand”: Spanking and Home Training in the Black Family

It started as soon as we came through the sliding doors of the airport in Accra, Ghana. While we waited for his father to link up with us, my son began to play with a bigger boy we had run into a few times after getting off the plane. When the bigger boy ventured further…

Music Mix: Sazeracs & Sleigh Rides

As long as I can remember, my Christmas mornings typically began at my parents’ house.  My younger sister, Megan, would jump in my bed and wake me up at some ungodly hour because she wanted to open her gifts.  (It was 8 AM, but don’t judge me; I’m an adult now.)  When I finally got…

Black Love Day Turns 25 Years Old Today!

I am a fan of black holidays. As a distinct culture within the United States, African Americans have a right – even a duty – to celebrate and reflect on our unique history and heritage.

Surviving the Holidays When You’re “A Lil Different”

Are you the vegetarian in a family of omnivores? Do you believe Western holidays are pagan/the white man’s lies/unbiblical, etc.? You want to babywear and breastfeed instead of giving your infant pecan pie and letting every distant relative hold her? Maybe you’re in a nontraditional relationship, or in some other way, you’re “a lil different”…