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Music Mix: 19 lbs. Down – Rise & Grind

Initially, I created January’s music playlist, 19 lbs. Down, to help me through my workouts; however, I quickly discovered that my musical mood changes depending on the activity. After some thought, I decided to split my playlist into two parts: Rise and Grind.

Music Mix: Mariah & Malbec Music

November’s music mix is inspired by music legend Mariah Carey‘s new release Caution, AND the fact that I always picture her with a glass of wine in her hand (NO SHADE). While I don’t necessarily consider myself a “Lamb”, I certainly recognize and respect greatness when I see and experience it.  The Mariah & Malbec Music…

Is There a Responsibility to Make Socially Conscious Music?

This past week, everyone has been up in arms about Nike’s new ad that features Colin Kaepernick as the spokesperson.  Nike’s ad has reignited the controversy surrounding Kaepernick’s choice in 2016 to kneel during the US National Anthem in protest of racial injustice.  In the new ad campaign, Kaepernick is quoted saying, “Believe in something,…