Music Mix: Celebrating Women in Hip-Hop

March is Women’s History Month, when we honor the contributions of women throughout history and celebrate the work that is being done today by women. Last month, we witnessed a historic Grammy win for Cardi B…

“The Other Hand”: Spanking and Home Training in the Black Family

It started as soon as we came through the sliding doors of the airport in Accra, Ghana. While we waited for his father to link up with us, my son began to play with a bigger…

Music Mix: Dreams, Converse & Cognacs

Dreams, Converse & Cognac is this month’s new playlist featuring more than four hours of music, blending R&B, hip-hop, and pop.  The playlist spotlights new music from some of your favorite artists like India Arie, J….

Could You Find Love in the African Diaspora?

Last week, in the run-up to Black Love Day and Valentine’s Day, rumors surfaced that the queen of hip-hop soul (and my fellow Capricorn) Mary J. Blige may have found love in the motherland. Pictures surfaced…

Dope Aural: Cold Cadences

January is typically a slow month for new music releases; however, there were some albums that have been released recently that are worth checking out.  Last month, with the help of a friend, I fell into…

Music Mix: 19 lbs. Down – Rise & Grind

Initially, I created January’s music playlist, 19 lbs. Down, to help me through my workouts; however, I quickly discovered that my musical mood changes depending on the activity. After some thought, I decided to split my playlist into two parts: Rise and Grind.

Why Giving Our Kids a “Growth Mindset” Is the Best Gift of All

I am hopeful that adopting a growth mindset will help my son develop views and habits that help him soar through life: less frustration or anger when things don’t go his way, willingness to persist and keep trying when the going gets tough, and

Can Music Affect Your Health & Wellness?

Like it is for many Americans, the beginning of 2019 is about restarting my health journey and looking for ways to improve my overall health and wellness.  Every year, I say to myself, “Trey, you’re going…

Season of Giving, Part 2: Should Black Folks Donate to Nonprofits?

Habari Gani? Ujamaa! Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa, which focuses our attention on cooperative economics. Most times, I have seen this principle expressed in relation to Black-owned businesses, which is excellent, in my opinion….

Music Mix: Sazeracs & Sleigh Rides

As long as I can remember, my Christmas mornings typically began at my parents’ house.  My younger sister, Megan, would jump in my bed and wake me up at some ungodly hour because she wanted to…