Tune In To You

Life is an amazing and complex journey.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, something new comes along that completely rocks your world.  It can be difficult to find your way back when it seems as though gravity has suspended and the contents of your life are perched in air; free-falling into chaos and uproar.  It is in these moments when you most need to center yourself and get in touch with your inner voice.  Your natural instincts and intuition helps to guide you out of and through situations that can create a haze of confusion and seemingly limited options.  In my own life, I have been made into a believer of the connection we share with the universe; and I use every chance I get to shine a spotlight on how to identify and tap into your natural instinct in order to move closer to the manifestation of your dreams.  Here are a few life areas that could benefit most from this knowledge.


I recently had a conversation with a close friend who was trying to make a decision about continuing in his relationship.  After mulling over the pros and cons of the situation, and the emotional affects it was having on him, I asked “So what does your intuition tell you?”  He paused for a moment; in full recognition of what needed to be done.  In life, we encounter people from all backgrounds and engage in relationships of all types (i.e. romantic, interpersonal, family, and workplace). Your natural instincts provide you with invaluable information about a person’s character, and their intentions in your life.  We often ignore those instincts because of the fear of facing reality and often a fear of being alone.  Following your “gut” can shield you from the drama and heartache of unhealthy relationships and can lead you toward those who are intended to provide you with the fulfillment and support you want, and deserve.


If you are lucky, you will be faced with many “life-changing” decisions as it relates to your career in your lifetime.  Should I take that job?  Am I doing what is purposed for me?  Is it the right time to take a chance on that business I have wanted to open?  For me, starting a business was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make.  Leaving the security of a job I kind of liked to embark upon the unknown world of self-employment kept me up at night.  Even after taking that leap, I struggled with making decisions about how to run my business because I was afraid to do anything that would hinder my success.  I had never owned a business before and I consistently second guessed myself and my ability to build a successful practice. What I have learned, and continue to learn, is that I always know what is right for the business because I can feel it in my gut.  Now, I am making decisions based on fact, rather than emotion, which makes me better able to hear my inner voice as it guides me through identification of opportunities and strategies to grow my legacy.  As a result, I am able to forge ahead with confidence, and I am beginning to see the manifestation of my vision more clearly.


I believe there is a basic level of guilt that comes along with being a parent.  From the moment you find out you are going to have a child your anxiety baseline increases as you anticipate all of the changes this will inevitably mean in your life.  This is compounded when there are additional stressors involved like financial difficulties, bad relationships, crushed hopes and dream, and the list goes on.  In addition, societal expectations can infiltrate our lives and dictate to us that we don’t know anything about being good parents and raising well-rounded adults.  But the reality is that every parent has what is known as parenting intuition.  This intuition allows you to know what is right for your child and your family.  Look at the facts of any given situation and consult with your inner voice to determine what the appropriate response would be.  You don’t have to be super-mom/dad to be a great parent.  You simply need to trust your parenting intuition and follow the cues it gives you to ensure the physical safety, and emotional and spiritual nourishment of your seed.

Following your natural instincts may be easier said than done.  Fear and doubt can make it difficult to tell fact from fiction, but don’t let that stop you from trying.  When it comes to creating the life you desire for yourself and your family, it is the only way to guarantee success in all areas.  Your inner voice is a gift to you from God.  It is your connection to his majestic Universe and all it has to offer.  Today is the day to start living life the way it was intended for you.  Over time, you’ll wonder how you ever made it before.

Be well.

Latrice Sampson is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and CEO of Sampson Therapeutic Services, LLC. In addition to her clinical work, Latrice extends her services to the wider community in the form of workshops, podcasts, and digital media publications. Her work aims to reduce the stigmas associated with mental and emotional health treatment in African American and minority communities; while promoting positive life skills geared toward fulfillment of true happiness and life satisfaction. Through this site, www.theblackunicornproject.com, she aims to foster a movement of healing, self-acceptance, and collective growth. Latrice has traveled the world spreading knowledge, inspiration, and healing. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Latrice holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Child and Family Studies from the University of Louisiana—Lafayette as well as a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Louisiana State University in Shreveport. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Latrice is a transformational speaker and uses her gifts to enhance the lives of others, which she believes is her calling.

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