The Black Unicorn Project

Mission: The Black Unicorn Project: Unapologetically you; unprecedentedly happy.


Vision: The Black Unicorn Project is a community movement intended to build a shared journey toward happiness and healing for Black people.  We intend to accomplish this in the following ways:

  1. To create a physical and virtual space to provide life skills education and coaching which inspires Black people to be the best version of themselves; healing from our past so we can develop a future we deserve.

  2. To inspire love of self; mind, body, and spirit within the Black community.

  3. To rewrite the internal perception of Black people and the Black family.

  4. To strengthen the Black community through self-validation, positive racial socialization, and acceptance of individual differences.

  5. To facilitate healing within the Black Community  and other communities of color by increasing access to and understanding of protective factors.

  6. To foster economic stability within the Black community and other communities of color by increasing financial literacy and collaborative economics participation.

  7. To increase consciousness and action toward food-related preventable diseases most common within the Black community.

  8. To reduce and/or eliminate stigmas surrounding mental illness and mental health treatment in the Black community.