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Season of Giving, Part 2: Should Black Folks Donate to Nonprofits?

Habari Gani? Ujamaa! Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa, which focuses our attention on cooperative economics. Most times, I have seen this principle expressed in relation to Black-owned businesses, which is excellent, in my opinion. For my last post of the year, I chose to also point out attention towards charitable giving with the…

Free Dat Ass! Bounce Music Meets Fitness and Black Girl “Moe Joe”

No matter what your fickle thermometer says, Spring is here: that self-conscious season when folks suddenly remember those abandoned resolutions in preparation for summer weather and summer clothes. Lately, it seems like every gym and fitness studio offers “twerkout” or “twerkercise”, but dancer and personal trainer Marissa “Moe Joe” Joseph has put a uniquely South…

Healing Hands: A Conversation with Itshanapa Dail Chambers

My strongest intention is focused on my healing hands. My healing hands can create the Reiki. My healing hands can create art. My healing hands can write. – Itshanapa The saying goes, “a woman’s work is never done,” but artist and healer Itshanapa Dail Chambers wears so many hats it’s almost dizzying. Visual artist. Poet….

2018 Savings Challenge

We’re BBBAAACCCCKKKKK!!! That’s right, you asked for it so now you have it. The 2018 Bi-weekly Savings Challenge is here!

How to WIN at Retirement Savings: Part I

So far, this year I have shared the importance of getting started on the road to financial freedom.  We’ve gone over a variety of topics from living within means without feeling too restricted to budgeting our way to financial freedom.  This month I’ll be introducing retirement savings plans.  A retirement savings plan is a plan…

Buy Black Friday: A Proactive Way to $pend this Holiday

Here it comes… Black Friday. The biggest shopping day that kicks off the biggest shopping season in recorded human history. Over the past few years, social media memes like this one have circulated calling for a holiday “Blackout” –  an economic boycott intended to hit America in the pockets as a response to continued police…

Three Takeaways from Lil Jon’s African Philanthropy

If you logged into any social media accounts over the weekend, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard Atlanta rapper Lil’ Jon has built a kindergarten in Ghana, West Africa. And if you’re like me, you probably had one of three reactions: What! Okaaaaay! Yeaaaaah! Dave Chappelle has trained us well. In all seriousness, I…

Buy Black Review: The Black Hair Alphabet

Here is my review of The Black Hair Alphabet by Deborah A. Anderson.

So You Want to Buy a House….

Buying a home is a huge investment.  Many approach the process with anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience.  Before you jump into the wonderful world of home-ownership make sure you are prepared with the following 10 steps.

Life is Better On A Budget – Tips Every Budgeter Needs to Know

A budget is an itemized summary of likely income and expenses for a given period.  It helps you determine whether you can grab that bite to eat or should head home for a bowl of soup.  It is typically created using a spreadsheet, and it provides a concrete, organized, and easily understood breakdown of how…