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Music Mix: Love, Light & Lemon Drops

This past month has been extremely busy and stressful for me. I’ve found myself being trapped in a daily routine without any time to relax or de-stress. So I decided that I would do something to help me loosen up and get through my days.  It is said that music can be a powerful tool for…

Black Love Day Turns 25 Years Old Today!

I am a fan of black holidays. As a distinct culture within the United States, African Americans have a right – even a duty – to celebrate and reflect on our unique history and heritage.

IU2BU Bootcamp Week 3 & Allowing Your Win

This bootcamp journey has been full of ups and downs…literally! During the first two weeks of the program I was less than please with the loss and subsequent gain of 1.2 lbs.  In week 3, however, I felt something shift.


Nikki is a 35 year-old Chief Financial Officer from New Orleans, LA.  Growing up with a sick parent, she learned early on the importance and value of a strong work ethic.

Bootcamp Week 2: My Story & Emotional Weight-loss

This weight-loss life definitely ain’t for the faint of heart!  Week 2 has come and gone and I can’t say it all went the way I expected it to.  This experience has been filled with several emotional ups and downs, and that’s just 12 days in.  I can say that I am growing from this…

IU2BU Bootcamp- Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of IU2BU bootcamp has come to an end. I have mixed feelings about this week as there were some highs and lows.  Can’t wait to see what the next 11 weeks has in store.

Kenny and Ronella

Bootcamp: Day 1 meal prep

Tomorrow is officially day 1 of the IUTBU Bootcamp #9!!!  I am excited and nervous about entering this phase of my life.  There is no doubt in my mind that beginning tomorrow, Jan 9, 2017, my life will NEVER be the same.  Now that I think about it, this change actually began a long time…

Bootcamp update and my thoughts on western medicine

So, my car finally died on me and as much as I didn’t want to let her go, she left me with no other options.  I had a very interesting experience while at the car dealership… take a look!

PCOS Dr. appointment FAIL!!

I headed to the doctor for the first time since returning to the states to see about getting some medication management for my PCOS.  epic FAIL!!! Take a look at my thoughts about the appointment and what steps I’m taking to get my PCOS under control.